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Here for the long haul... We provide the best possible service... and do it at an affordable cost.

Our Story

River City Sales, LLC. is a division of River City Promotions, a small business dedicated to serving other small businesses with professional website solutions for over 8 years. In the beginning, being a small business ourselves, we needed a professional website and there was not much available that we could afford.

Reason being, the standard in the business was for a company to write, publish and host your website, but also be in control of ownership of that domain, website and hosting. We didn't start a business for someone else to be in control of our destiny.

We decided we would learn the correct way to build our online presence, and to be in control of our own future rather than paying for everything and having someone else calling the shots.

We soon realized that a lot of other small busineeses had the same need, and River City Promotions was born. The River City Group owns several small businesses, including River City Laser and River City Power Wash.



Our mission is succeed in partnership with other small businesses to take us both to the highest level of acheivement that's possible.



To be able to bring affordable solutions to small bussinesses that are not currently available, and definitely not affordable.


Core Values

Honest customer service and the passion needed to do what others say can't be done!

Boost Your Numbers

The sky is the limit. You tell us how many new clients you want.


Some very interesting information to consider when deciding to use a service such as ours....

How many small businesses in the US?

There are over 30 Million small businesses in the United States.

How many new businesses each month?

There are over 500,000 new businesses that start up each month.

Why are new businesses so likely to fail?

Because they don;'t know how to get new customers.

How many searches on Google?

Google has a 82% marketshare. That means that over 82% of all searches are done on Google or another search engine that uses Google's database. That amounts to over 10 Billion searches a day!

How many small businesses in the world?

There are over 180 MIllion small bussinesses in the world.

What is the life expectancy of a new business?

95% of all new businesses fail within the first 5 years of opening the doors.

How many people use Facebook?

Facebook has well over 2.5 Billion active users.

Are You Advertising on These Platforms?

Advertising on these platforms is a neccessity if you plan on being in business in 5 years, or beyond. Let us take care of the heavy lifting and day to day changes while you concentrate on your bottom line.


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